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Brand Soulution + Launch Soulution + Coach Soulution



brand soulution

Ready for your business to stand out and shine bright in 2023? Magnetically attract your star clients with these easy-to-use templates to strategically brand your business with soul fast across every client touchpoint! From logo to social media, email to business card — align your voice and visuals with your passion and purpose without taking weeks at a time! Be memorable and magnetic with a new look for the upcoming year.

  • Jumpstart Your Brand With Strategy

    Clarify your star client, what lights them up, and how your business aligns to their goals and dreams. Align your passion and purpose, and skills to create offers they love.

  • Create Your Brand in Minutes

    Choose from over 60 brand options with customizable logos, colors, fonts, and images to curate your new brand in less time than it takes to order and receive Uber Eats.

  • Leave a Lasting Impression

    Take your new brand to the next level and apply it across every client interaction including various templates: proposal/welcome packet, social media quick link page, business cards, and email signature + cover images.


"Feels so good, so much like me and my personality"

"I have a brand that is amazing and while I know it needs to, and does, focus on the client, it truly represents the personality and uniqueness of me and what and how I do what I do."

april goff brown

Did You Know?

Consistent presentation of a brand has been seen to increase revenue by 33%. Image what 33% more revenue could do for your business!


launch soulution

Is your offer launch causing you a migraine? Fact: Launches are tough even for the boldest of hearts. Simplify your promo, stop the scroll, and get all eyes on your offer. It’s all about being memorable and providing value. With Launch Soulution, you’ll save time and feel confident in your offer promotion with jaw-dropping, scroll-stopping high-end templates that you can take and tweak in minutes that reflects your expertise and gets you noticed.

  • Make Social Promo A Breeze

    Wow them on social — this suite of Social Promo Pack templates includes: social announcement posts graphics, Pinterest graphics, 60-days of captions, and a sales page to wow them.

  • Build Buzz For Your Launch

    Keep the engagement and energy high — This suite of 5-Day Challenge Pack templates will includes: lead magnet, challenge workbook, sign-up sales page, social promo + event covers.

  • Complete the Course

    Complete your polished look with this template suite: course sales page, slide deck, course module covers and a course workbook that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Bonus! Includes a course planner to organize your lessons and modules.


"Exactly what my website needed!"

"I couldn't be happier with the landing page Barb created for me through merely a chat and taking a look at my website for inspiration. "

kelly mccarthy

Did You Know?

A consistent brand builds trust and loyalty. 81% of consumers need to a trust a brand to consider buying.


coach soulution

Wow your clients and take their transformations to the next level with a suite of branded client tools that are not only beautiful, but are strategic and filled with content that’s usable, relevant, and professional. The Coach Soulution templated journals, workbooks, roadmaps, worksheets, and affirmation cards make it simple for you to customize with your branding and your own content to guide your clients through your transformation that’s aligned with your expertise and look exquisitely professionally done! No one needs to know they were DIY!

  • Give Em Something To Write Home About

    Plenty of journal templates to create beautiful progress within including: gratitude, career confidence, money abundance, self-worth, dream life visualization, beautiful boundaries, grow your business

  • Say It Out Loud

    Pair the journals with the affirmation cards to truly create change within including: gratitude, career confidence, self-worth, beautiful boundaries, grow your business

  • Work It Out

    Transformation sometimes occurs with accountability coaching worksheet including: self-contract accountability, growth mindset cheat sheet, strengths in action, from stuck to empowerment (mood shift workbook), and a roadmap (with actionable steps)


"This Saves Me So Much Time!"

"My brand looks so professional and awesome! Barb is such a star! I can't even believe it it's so beautiful! Everyone needs to know how amazing she is!"

dr davia shepherd

Did You Know?

A consistent brand across all touchpoints not only builds trust and loyalty. It makes your brand feel unique, raises awareness of your products / services, + helps clients know it on a personal level.



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  • Get Everything In Brand Soulution

    From logo to social media, email to business card — align your voice and visuals with your passion and purpose without taking weeks at a time

  • Get Everything In Launch Soulution

    Save time and feel confident in your offer promotion with jaw-dropping, scroll-stopping high-end templates that you can take and tweak in minutes that reflects your expertise and gets you noticed

  • Get Everything In Coach Soulution

    This full bundle makes it simple for you to easily align your client experience, expertise, and look exquisitely and professionally branded while guiding your clients through transformation or acceptance.


hey there love!

I'm Barb! Brand Identity Designer + Strategist For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

I’m all about helping soulful businesses own their magic and infuse it throughout every client interaction in their business so they can stand out and shine!

If you’re ready to envision and embody your business evolution and own your magic, I can help you. I specialize in full brand design projects and the average project takes about 5 weeks to complete. No matter where you are in your business, every project begins with strategy and a roadmap. I believe your business is too important, too proprietary, and far too special to pack into a package. Feel free to contact me at to book a free 15 minute own your magic call to learn more.